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TVKC Winter Championship Round 1

Last weekend was the opening round of the TVKC Winter Championship and it attracted a large entry of 50+ top level drivers so was going to be a big test for me after having moved up class.

Friday and Saturday testing went ok but not as good as we had hoped as we were a little way off where we wanted to be and with only 4 test sessions Saturday Timed Qualifying came round quick.

I took to the track with the main pack with about 5 minutes left and set about nailing a quick lap under the fading light.

It was very frustrating as every time I felt like I was on a good lap something would happen which would ruin it and that was the story, didn’t manage to get one clean lap and it showed with my final P24 qualifying position not showing my true pace and ensuring tomorrow’s racing would be harder than we wanted.

Heat 1

So my starting position for this heat would be P16 and I needed to make up as many places as possible to even stand a chance of getting a result in the final.

We go on the first asking and the usual first couple of corners melee drop me back a couple of places but I feel good and get to work.

As the race progresses the kart feels better and better and I start to nail the laps and pass drivers moving up the field.

As the race starts to come towards the end I’m setting fastest laps and looking to capitalise on my pace as much as I can and it turns out I manage to climb 10 places to finish P6 which is fantastic!

Heat 2

I get a P16 start again and I hope that I can replicate my first run.

This time there is a false start so we roll around again and on the second asking we go.

I get a reasonable start and keep trying to push forward as quickly as possible making passes wherever I can.

Things are going well and I try a bit of a long shot at the end of the straight to pop it by the driver in front but I’m a bit too far back and not getting the pass to stick punishes me and I lose momentum off him and the pack behind catches me as we go into the uphill loop section.

For the next couple of laps I have to try and get back to the kart ahead whilst not get overtaken by the pack behind. I get to him and this time I make sure I do the job first time but the karts ahead now have a gap which was too much and I end up finishing P7 in this race which is still really satisfying if a bit frustrating as I could have broken into the front pack if I’d not missed that overtake.


The final grid is posted and I’m stoked to see I’m P8, row 4, I can hopefully be in with a shout so long as I drive bang on as the drivers I’m on the grid now are very good and include the World Champion in my class.

We go for the sighting lap and it’s all come to this time to focus.

We take the start and I get a fantastic start and come off of the bridge in P3, I’m feeling strong but the kart is still not in its perfect window but I know it will come as the race plays out.

Over the next few laps I lose a few places, gain them back and again drop back to

P6 and then with 4 laps to go it all kicks off and we catch the front group and now it’s a 6 kart train and going into hairpin 1 the leaders start to squabble for the lead and I find a way though a pass a couple of the karts ahead and then again at hairpin 2 another to find myself in P4.

With 3 laps to go things are getting busy and places change a bit but I manage to get ahead again and take the flag.

We await the results to see what penalties are applied and when the final standings are published it shows me as P3 so a podium finish which I am absolutely stoked about 😃

This was a fantastic way to come back from a hard qualifying especially against the calibre of driver I was racing against. Having only moved up recently my experience is nothing like these guys and the nearest driver to me who recently moved up was in P9 so a great finish to a hard few days.

I would like to thanks all those who support me and make this a winning team including

ARC Audio Visual & IT Solutions Limited -

JDR Jack Dex Racing -

MS Kart -

Jade Engines -

Next weekend I am at HKRC so hopefully I will be strong there again.

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