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Just a little recap on 2020

So, 2020 brought challenges that I would never have thought of and resulted in a much reduced racing year.

As it was I won the Hunts Kart Racing Club Championship and at the first time of entering, the Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship. I had originally planned to do the LGM (Little Green Man) Championship but this was cancelled due to the Covid situation. The only other racing I took part in was the Trent Valley Kart Club events where in the Autumn Cup I came 3rd as one round was cancelled, I had hope to climb further in the last round as I was particularly competitive at this point but it was not to be.

We also entered the Kartmasters British Grand Prix but were suffering with a chassis issue that robbed me of much needed pace and as such struggled throughout the event managing, bearing in mind we were way off the pace due to the kart, a respectable 7th in the Grand Final, a climb of 17 places from my P24 start.

Anyway, big thanks to all my sponsors & those that support me including;

Jack Dex Racing - Without who I simply would not be able to race. Non-stop support, advice and coaching one in a million

ARC Audio Visual & IT Solutions Limited - Who have supported me since I started racing and make this all possible

MS Kart - For working with Jack & I to tweak the chassis and providing a great strong competitive kart

Raptor Racewear - For the custom clothing and suits which are very high quality, robust and infinitely customisable

Jade Engines - For always providing engine power to keep me in the mix

SSport Engines - Again my engine supplier who provides top notch power and is always there to assist if needed

Alan Hoyle - Since my start Alan has been there to add the encouraging debrief or words of wisdom

So, signing off 2020 with a couple of little videos.......enjoy & see you in 2021

Here's one featuring photos from when I started right up to this year

Here's another showing some of the on-track action

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