Here's a brief history on where we are and how we got here including our current team setup.


We are a father and son team who benefit from the help of three friends who all share the same aim of giving Lucas every opportunity we can to progress in his karting endeavours. We have been karting for just over a year now and Lucas has just competed his 1st season of racing, successfully becoming the Tattershall Kart Club Honda Cadet Champion 2012.

We are looking to build on Lucas' natural abilities to a point where we can compete for the Formula Kart Stars (FKS) & Super One (S1) series titles to provide Lucas a good grounding for his future racing exploits.

About Us

The Team

1st Kart

After attending Buttons religiously for practice sessions Lucas' passion and drive for karting was overflowing so it was time to invest in our 1st kart. We decided to focus on Honda Cadet as our preferred class and in December 2011 bought a 2009 TWS chassis with a strong clubman Honda GX160 T1 engine package with a proven pedigree in the National FKS & S1 series.


1st Taste of Racing

2011 was nearly over and Lucas asked if he could compete on race days so we found that we could enter the last two rounds of the Conningsby Kart Club Winter Series even though Lucas was only 6 and hoped this would  give us our 1st taste of race meetings. Things went better than we had hoped with Lucas picking up 2nd places in both the 1st meeting and also in the GP meeting which closed the series.

2012 & 2013 Championships

2012 was frustrating as Lucas was not old enough to attend many of the UK kart circuits and so finding a track that would allow him to practice, let alone race was difficult. MSA racing (& affiliated circuits) has a minimum age limit of 8 so we continued with the Buttons sessions and also attended Saturday morning Cadet Club at Rye House Raceway.

Tattershall Kart Centre was recommended to us so in March we attended for a test day and found a revelation. A technical track that was friendly, very well run and reasonably priced allowing Lucas maximum seat time where we could put in hour upon hour of practice which enabling Lucas to compete in the 2012 Tattershall Kart Club Championship. Lucas drove strongly all year and successfully won the Honda Cadet class against much older competition!



For 2013 we continued at Tattershall Kart Centre and also started competing at Red Lodge (Club 2000) as this was the next level he could compete at due to his young age.


He dominated at Tattershall placing in virtually every race and winning the Championship again making him Double-Champion back to back. This meant a lot to Lucas as there was stiff competition all year.


At Red lodge the competition was much more fierce but Lucas dug deep and secured multiple Novice wins before being eligible to remove his novice plates. Once off the novice plates he regularly showed strong performances and before the end of the year went home with trophies and if not for illness & missed rounds would have secured a top 7 finish in the championship.

Cadet Path & Gameplan

For the 2014 season Lucas is now old enough to compete in MSA sanctioned meetings and is currently competing in teh Hoddesdon Kart Club & Hunts Kart Club Championships.


In both championships he is running top 10 and we hope he will once again visit the podium before the end of the year. He has already won multiple Novice trophies and has been off his novice plates since April.


He has cometed in enough events to obtain the required signatures to qualify to upgrade his race licence from National B to National A so is now eligible to enter national races such as the Super One Series.

To give Lucas the best start in MSA racing we have joined the Global Karting race tream. Rob & Mike at Global have a wealth of experience in all karting from Cadet to Senior and world championships and are coaching Lucas to improve his driving.


We are currently and will continue the practice sessions working to get Lucas' times down and continue his driver development & education.

In 2014 we will be visiting circuits that are on the Super One calendar to get experience of these tracks.

Lucas is firmly focussed on reaching a level where he can be competitive in Super One and is striving to compete in his rookie year in 2015.

Lucas has stated that it is his goal to WIN the Super One Honda Cadet Championship within 5 years and also become club champion in the relevant series.

Lucas Signs to Global Karting
News Update - Good month so far with 3 x second places and a win!
News Update -  Lucas gets 2nd at HKC
Lucas in action on kart graphics company THG Graphics

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