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2013 Red Lodge Club 2000 Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 6 July
July 2013

Following the strong performance at TKC a week earlier we all hoped Lucas could improve his placing at Red Lodge. Lucas puts in great performances in the heats finishing P7 (from P11 in Heat 1), P2 in Heat 2 and was holding P5 in Heat 3 before being punted off. Our grid position for the final was impacted by the incident in Heat 3 but starting from P7 Lucas got held up by the P8 runner who passed him in T2. This turned out to be his downfall as he tried to avoid an incident in T1 with 3 laps to go and unfortunately ended up having a fairly large shunt into the tyre wall. All OK though and it's all a learning curve. A few more meetings and we will be hoping for regular top eight finishes!


2013 TKC Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 30 June (July Meeting)
June 2013

Lucas was looking to deliver another good performance and was under pressure as his new coach was visiting to assess him during this meeting. The grid was smaller but none the less competitive with six of the top five in the championship in attendance. Good grid positioning helped Lucas to put in some of the best drives he has had at TKC with three wins from P3, P2 & P6 in the heats also keeping his composure and focus to convert this to a win in the final.

It's looking as though he is back on form and teh comments from the coach were more than encouraging. 

2013 TKC Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 9 June
June 2013

Lucas was looking to deliver another good performance to maintain momentum from Red Locge. Despite a very average grid positioning Lucas put in some of the best drives he has had at TKC with two wins and a second place in teh heats from P7, P2 & P8 on the grid and kept hiscomposure and focus to convert this to a win in the final.

It's looking as though he is back on form. 

2013 Red Lodge Club 2000 Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 1 June
June 2013

1st Meeting off of the Novice plates, things were going to be interesting. Lucas puts in great performances with the main pack to finish P8, P12 (after being spun out in an incident that saw the other driver sent home form teh meeting) and P10 in the heats. Our grid position for the final was impacted by the incident in Heat 3 but starting from P12 Lucas made his way up to P10 and looked convincing.

A few more meetings to gain conifdence and experience and we will be hoping ofr regular top ten finishes!


2013 TKC Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 11 May
May 2013

Lucas was running well at TKC so a good showing was expected. With changeable weather and a flat tyre in Heat 2 things did not go to plan. In Heat 1 Lucas was flying and but was penalised 1 place for changing line on the straight! Heat 2 was looking dominant until on Lap 3 a bump with another kart ripped out the front left tyre valve meaning 5 laps on a flat - but great times. Heat 3 & the Final were wet and due to lack of good wet tyres Lucas, uncharacteristically, spun a number of times meaning our finishing positions were well off what we had expected. We put this down to experience, invested in some new wet tyres (now available) to ensure this does not happen again. 

2013 Red Lodge Club 2000 Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 4 May
May 2013

After a promising test session and off the back of a good performance at TKC Lucas was looking forward to this race meeting.Practise times looked good but after a good start in Heat 1 an incident put Lucas back 3 places and he tried a bit too hard to maek up the loss. Heat 2 saw our 1st mechnical issue with the choke being partially on which resulted in a returement on lap 2. Heat 3 went to plan and Lucas went well. After a difficult day the Final was a welcome surprise with Lucas' fastest time of the day and although starting towards the back of the grid he won teh Novice Trophy!


2013 TKC Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 14 April
April 2013

With good weather forecast we were hoping to have a good meeting following the disappointing final last month.

Finally a weekend that allowed proper testing adn teh driver and chassis responded better than we could have hoped for.

Personal bests on virtually every session, dominant performances in all the races and the fastest ever lap by Lucas at this track - Lucas is back on old for and driving better than ever with 2 wins and a second in the heats and a win in the final!


2013 Red Lodge Club 2000 Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 6 April
April 2013

Our 2nd Meeting at Red Lodge and Lucas has been recovering from a virus which has limited practise but Lucas was eager to finish the day on a high. There was a good grid of 18 entries so it would be a good race and we had another 4 novice drivers to compete with.

The weather was dry with a bit of sun so we decided on a setup which we had not practised with and this proved to be a good move with Lucas posting the 11th fastest time, a big improvement on our last visit.

In Heats 1 & 2 Lucas drove really well improving his times and running 1st out of the Novice drivers also taking places off of more experienced drivers. For Heat 3 we made a change to the setup to try and help but unfortunately it did not work and Lucas was struggling with corner exit speed to came home in 2nd Novice place.

Lucas started as top Novice on the final grid. The final had to be restarted after a major incident and after a hard race Lucas fought to take the flag as 1st Novice and take his1st trophy at Red Lodge Club 2000!


2013 TKC Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 10 March
March 2013

Following the textbook start in February the team was hoping for a strong performance in the 2nd TKC Meeting of 2013.

Again changeable weather played it's role and from a very wet Saturday Practise Race Day was not so wet but very cold with snow flurries. Some new players were on the grid who proved to be very quick and after Heat 1 the team made some changes to the chassis setup to give Lucas more grip.

Strong performances in the heats gave Lucas finishes of 3rd, 2nd & 2nd which positioned us 3rd in the Final which unfortunately did not go to plan and resulted in a 4th place leading to a valuable points haul. 

Some hard practise sessions are planned between now and the next meeting!


2013 Red Lodge Club 2000 Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 3 March
March 2013

Our 1st Meeting at Red Lodge and we were hopeful that Lucas would have a good outing. As we were new here we have to run on Novice Plates for a while (White Number on Black Plate) so we decided to replace his 2013 bodywork with the 2012 spares so we could number up the kart without any damage to his standard bodywork.

It proved to be a big step up from what Lucas was used to and throughout the day Lucas' times improved and in the final he drove one of the best drives we have seen only being pipped to the line for the Novice win by the narrowest of margins.

Read how Lucas got on during his 1st day out with the 'bid boys (& girls)!

2013 TKC Honda Cadet Championship - Meeting 1 February
February 2013

So the 1st Meeting was upon us and practice on Saturday went well. 1st dry run at TKC this year and things were looking OK except still a little off the times we ended last year with on the old chassis.

Sunday arrived and the weather was the complete opposite of Saturday, raining and cold.

Read below how we got on and how Lucas drove above and beyond expectation.



2012 TKC Honda Cadet Championship Trophy Presentation Evening
February 2013

Finally we have reached the day Lucas gets to receive his 1st Championship Trophy.


TKC organised a good evening with buffet food and wine. Everyone was in good spirits and a thoroughly good evening was enjoyed by all. The evening kicked off at about 6:30pm with drinks and food and the presentations started at 8pm, with the cadets getting eager for proceedings to

The whole team were even caught in a photo on the podium, let's hope we can do this again next year and many thanks to all who organised the year and the evening..



2013 New Year New Challenges

05 February 2013


So, after trying to practice in January and being thwarted by the UK weather we finally get the opportunity we've been waiting test with Club2000 at Red Loge Kart Centre.

Since December Lucas has been trying to get to the YoungStarz driver development days to be assessed to see if he can compete in the 2013 Club2000 Honda Cadet Championship and finally the weather has allowed this to happen!

Lucas has been eager to get to YoungStarz to get the green light to attend the Club2000 Honda Cadet Championship (as he's 7 years old not 8) and the day has finally arrived on the 3rd Feb.

After an early start we arrived and attended the driver briefing and very quickly it was time to go out on track. Lucas was instructed to follow the very experienced championship winner who would drive at an appropriate pace to teach Lucas (& other new comers) lines and the way round this new circuit. Lucas followed very well, focussing intently.

By lap 8 of the 1st session Lucas had enough of following and surprised his guide by passing her when she did not expect it but within 2 laps he was passed with a cheeky bump just to let him know he's the new boy here.

The following 2 sessions went very well with only one or two cadets managing to get past Lucas, whilst Lucas was overtaking others when possible, this was the first time we have had anything like reasonable conditions to assess the new chassis and how Lucas is adapting to it's characteristics and it looked very encouraging. Lucas said that it felt really good and was much more manageable than his previous kart.

Overall a good day, Lucas drove really well and was in the top third of cadets out on track which bodes well, couple this with confirmation that he can compete in the 2013 championships (although having missed the first two meetings) and the team were very happy and all targets were met.

Next weekend........New Tattershall Libre Championship.



Lucas Picks up New Sponsor for 2013 - R.S. Computers Limited!

January 2013


We are proud to welcome R.S. Computers Limited on-board for the 2013 Season as a secondary sponsor of Lucas.

We welcome Ray Worley, Owner of R.S. Computers Limited and look forward to the 2013 season with their backing and support.

Please visit R.S. Computers Limited's website to find more about the high quality cost effective services they supply!

Team Invests in New Chassis for 2013

December 2012

Details on the new Project One 2013 Chassis coming soon.......Watch this space!

Lucas Renews Sponsorship Deal for 2013 - ARC AV & IT Solutions Limited!

December 2012


We are proud to continue our support from ARC Audio Visual & IT Solutions Limited for the 2013 Season as a Primary sponsor of Lucas.

We hope that we can continue the winning form throughout the new season and look forward to the 2013 season with their backing and support.

Please visit ARC Audio Visual & IT Solutions Limited website to find more about the high quality cost effective services they supply!

2012 Honda Cadet Championship Review
December 2012

Lucas' first experience of racing in a Cadet Championship and after a strong performance all year manages to win the title convincingly.

The original idea of running in the Tattershall Kart Club Honda Cadet Championship was to enable him to get some experience of the Race Day environment without the full on pressure of our running in our 1st competitive season......this was soon to change.



Lucas Signs to Global Karting
News Update - Good month so far with 3 x second places and a win!
News Update -  Lucas gets 2nd at HKC
Lucas in action on kart graphics company THG Graphics

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