The Hardware

The Chassis - Project One 2013 Honda Cadet
For 2014 we are starting with our 2013
 Project One Chassis that Lucas has

had so much success with.

Project One are a family run manufacturer who specialise in producing a

chassis for the Honda Cadet class only.

The benefits of this can be seen by their championship results, year on year

Project One virtually lock out the top 10 standings in all of the national series,

grand prix and club meetings.

Lucas collected his new 2013 chassis which was presented by Gerard,

Project One owner, from the P1 race Team on Friday testing at PFi in

early December. This was a real surprise to Lucas as we had not told him

he was getting one and he was literally speechless, although on the trip

home he could not stop talking about it!

So to the chassis itself, the P1 chassis will allow us to dial in settings with

much more accuracy than previously and should translate into quicker lap

times. It will also provide Lucas a known standard on which to practice and

improve his performance.

When we issued the build specification we requested a custom frame

finish which has resulted in a stunning finish which is based on the standard

black powder coating but includes a silver/chrome fleck in the coating which

really sparkles when the sun hits it. This was coupled with a limited

production run P1 graphics set which include chrome inserts on the

standard P1 race livery.


Engine - Honda GX160

The chassis is powered by a choice of 3No. MSA Specification compliant

Honda GX160 163cm3 capacity engines (1No. Special Parts T2 variant &

2No. T2 Clubman variant).

These units are prepared and maintained by RPM Racing Engines who are

the best and most experienced at tuning these engines to perform at their

optimum whilst being totally reliable for the Honda Cadet Class.


Kart Dashboard / Race Computer - AIM Mychron4
To enable the driver and team to monitor performance we have selected

a Mychron4 Kart Dashboard.The MyChron4 is a powerful data acquisition gauge

and digital display for kart racing. It combines a temperature gauge,

tachometer, lap timer, and data logger into a compact, powerful unit that

easily mounts to the steering wheel.

It is a digital dash, gauge, and data logger with graphical and digital RPM

(tach) indicator, automatic lap time, and temperature input. 

We also utilise the additional GPS Unit feature which allows us to monitor many

more parameters such as speed, lateral and in-line G forces and track position

via the AIM Race Studio 2 software suite which is invaluable in reviewing

and tracking performance. 



Associated Equipment

Over the last 12 months we have been investing in the ancillary equipment required to successfully prepare, maintain and race the kart as well as compete and test at different race circuits.

Below is a list, not exhaustive, of the equipment we have which all has been obtained with the aim to enable our team to function to it's best and ensure driver and kart are in A1 condition:-

Race Transporter - Iveco LWB High Top Motorhome with 4 Berths, fridge, cooker, tv, toilet, heating, lighting, awning, safari room, garage area.

Paddock Awning

GoPro HD Hero Video Camera (used to record training footage of driver input & also race footage)


Kart Trolley

Paddock Workbench (2No.)

3No. Wet Wheel Sets

3No. Slick Wheel Sets

3No. Honda GX160 Race Prepared Engines

Kart Spares (such as Tie Rods, Stub Axles, Seats, Axles, Hubs, Bodywork, Chains & Sprocktes etc)

Full Race and Workshop tool set

Front Axle Alignment Lazer Kit

Sprocket Alignment Lazer

Tyre Bead Breaker

Tyre Fitting/Removal Tongs

Impact Driver


Large Race Tyre Pressure Gauge

Heat Gun

Vernier Gauge

Lucas Signs to Global Karting
News Update - Good month so far with 3 x second places and a win!
News Update -  Lucas gets 2nd at HKC
Lucas in action on kart graphics company THG Graphics

Copyright 2013 Lucas Ellingham Racing.

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